design for an

wholistic travel



As makes the shift from being an accommodation only company to wholistic travel company, my team was responsible for intelligently communicating to the users the product offering.


As the UX designer for the marketing team, I am responsible for leadin the design strategy and work closely with the product owner. I am also responsible for collaborating with other stakeholders, synergising and communicating the design strategy with the larger team. I was also responsible for the creation of design mockups/ prototype, building frontend for emails and landing pages and validation of the ideas through user research and experimentation.


I organized and facilitated a design workshop to enable us to generate ideas and get everyone at the same level of understanding of the challenge we are solving. Activities performed in the workshop included, How might We’s, sketching, rafting discussion of working, journey maps, idea presentation and dot voting.

Getting everyone together to generate ideas brings fresh perspective


With a lot of creative energy packed up from the design workshop, I was able to collate a lot of great ideas that we could start working on. Ideas generated from the workshop include the creation of several one-off campaigns to educate users about's new product offerings, streaming email campaigns, triggered by anticipating user needs based on behavioural patterns. This will be delivered mainly in form of emails and push notifications.

High fidelity

designs based

on the sketches


After creating the first drafts of email designs based on the ideas from the workshop, It was important that I validated the design, figure out what works in each design and find the best solution. To get this done I used to get participants to give insights and recommendations on the design


Based on the results of the test, I needed to build the final designs. As the team’s UX designer coded out these emails, I worked with the translation team to ensure that the email works in 43 languages while also working with the backend team to make sure the dynamic contents were rendered properly. The design communications built were run through A/B testing experiments to give more insights into user behaviour on a larger scale.

The metrics monitored in the experiments includes:

  • Conversion rate
  • Engagement
  • Unsubscribe
  • Customer services
  • Attach rate
  • Click through rate


After several weeks of designing, experimentation and iteration, the communication designed has successfully communicated the product offering of to the users. Over a period of years, these emails have been an entry point to over millions to book different products for their vacations and business trips.